Water Heater Replacement in Boise, ID, 83716

“Dustin was great, especially working with me by text, as we had to coordinate my work hours for my water heater replacement! I was very satisfied as I called on Thursday and Friday I had a new water heater! Justin is very kind, polite and knowledgeable and he made sure I understood the changes in the current housing codes, with home inspection and the upgrades with my new water heater! I appreciated how he treated my dogs as one of his own and how he treated the staff he was training!!

I also, appreciated the return call on Thursday from Bob, who had been telling me for a year and a half that I needed to start planning on replacing the water heater, to answer a few last minute questions concerning which water heater I actually needed!! Thank you for the time and patience with me. I have been a satisfied customer since 1991!!”

– Kelly L.