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What’s On Your Maintenance Checklist?

At Western Heating & Air Conditioning, we always encourage our clients to develop a maintenance plan for your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Doing so helps ensure the HVAC equipment in your Idaho home or business will operate at peak efficiency for years to come.

Your air conditioner, furnace, heat pump—these investments play a vital role when it comes to providing comfort for you and your loved ones. Properly maintaining them not only helps keep you healthy but also adds value to your Boise home.

Our team at Western Heating & Air Conditioning has been serving homes and businesses in Boise, Meridian, Eagle, and the entire Treasure Valley since 1967. We are a third-generation family-owned business with more than 50 years of experience in the installation, repair, and maintenance of heating, cooling, and indoor air quality (IAQ) systems.

We are a licensed, insured, and bonded company. Our A+ Better Business Bureau rating lets you know we’re a company that values your trust and will always work hard to get the job done right.

What Is A Maintenance Checklist?

Anyone who owns a vehicle understands the importance of changing the oil, inspecting the brakes, and rotating the tires. But far too often, we neglect our HVAC equipment until something breaks, and a service call is necessary.

Most of your HVAC system is located in utility rooms or behind walls and ceilings. Unless you hear a strange noise (or discover you have no hot water!), it’s a case of out of sight, out of mind.

Creating a checklist helps avoid these potential problems. Signing up for one of our maintenance plans at Western provides you with even more protection by lowering the cost of service calls, parts, and labor.

It’s a smart investment when you consider the role your HVAC system plays in your home comfort.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

It all starts with your air filters. Be sure to follow the manufacturer guidelines on when to change them. As a rule of thumb, change the filter at least every 90 days—more so if you have pets or a smoker in the home.

These filters are your first line of defense when it comes to capturing pollen, pet dander, dust, and other pollutants before they can circulate throughout your Eagle home.

Your air conditioner (AC) not only cools down your home but also helps control the indoor humidity levels. Schedule an AC tune-up each spring to allow our professionals to check the refrigerant fluid, remove any debris that might impede the airflow, and straighten the coil fins if necessary.

Throughout the warmer months, always be sure to keep a two-foot clearance of vegetation and other debris around your AC unit to maintain a strong airflow.

Furnace Maintenance

Early fall is the right time to schedule a furnace tune-up. Most of our clients in the Treasure Valley rely on gas furnaces to heat their homes, which means you always want a professional to inspect the gas line and pilot light for possible issues that could lead to a significant problem.

Our team at Western will check and clean the filter system, inspect the fan, the heat exchanger, and clean the blower. While it is relatively inexpensive to maintain your furnace, the repairs can start to add up over time.

If you find yourself scheduling repairs several times over the winter, consider replacing your older model with an energy-efficient furnace that will lower your utility bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

Air Duct Maintenance

Those hidden air ducts traveling from room to room are the lungs of your Boise home. They determine the airflow and indoor air quality. Scheduling an appointment to have our team clean and seal your ductwork allows our professionals to remove years of dust and debris that accumulated inside your air ducts over the years. Most homes experience an average of 20 to 40 percent leakage in their air ducts. Sealing those ducts can save some bucks!

Heat Pump Maintenance

Heat pumps keep your Meridian home cool in the summer and warm during the winter months. Because they do the same job as both your furnace and air conditioner, heat pumps work twice as hard. Consider scheduling at least one tune-up a year so that our expert team can check for refrigerant leaks, verify the airflow, inspect and clean all the parts, lubricate the motor, and tighten the belts.

Water Heater Maintenance

While water heaters are pretty sturdy, a little maintenance can go a long way toward extending their service life. Schedule a service call with our professionals at Western to inspect the piping and test the pressure-relief valve, drain the tank and wash out sediment, adjust the temperature, and check the anode rod. Nothing quite spells happiness like a hot shower on a cold winter morning in Boise!

Blue Ribbon Maintenance Plan

Our VIP Blue Ribbon Service program at Western is designed for our residential clients to offset the cost of home maintenance and scheduled service calls. It allows our professionals to catch a small issue before it turns into a big problem.

Our Blue Ribbon program offers our residential clients a 15 percent discount on repairs, precision tune-ups, and professional cleanings, along with other perks. For our local businesses, we have the Commercial Planned Maintenance program tailored to fit your company’s budgets and needs.

We all know the importance of maintaining our vehicles—your HVAC system deserves the same attention. Protect your investment with a Blue Ribbon!

Learn More About Maintenance in Boise!

At Western Heating & Air Conditioning, we take a whole-house approach to your comfort, health, and safety. Our maintenance plans can extend the service life of your HVAC equipment while improving the indoor quality of your Meridian, ID, home or business. Call 208-319-1736 or schedule an appointment online to learn more about our products and services.

Heat Pump Maintenance in Nampa, ID 83651

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Gas Furnace Maintenance in Eagle, ID 83616

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Gas Furnace Maintenance in Nampa, ID 83687

“John was very friendly, knowledgeable, competent and courteous.”

- Bob C.

Gas Furnace Maintenance in Meridian, ID 83646

“He was very polite and thorough. He arrived when he said he would and was good to answer my questions.”

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Maintenance in Eagle, ID 83616

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