Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality service.

Take a moment to appreciate the indoor air quality circulating inside your Idaho home or business.

Appreciate the comfort and fresh air, and how heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems play a vital role in creating a healthy environment for you and your loved ones. From our pets to our grandparents, we all want to enjoy our home!

At Western Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer a variety of practical and sustainable solutions to improve your indoor air quality. Our company has been serving residential and commercial clients in Boise, Meridian, Eagle, and the entire Treasure Valley since 1967. We provide services and products that add comfort and health to your surroundings, at prices you can afford.

What Is Indoor Air Quality?

What measures are you taking to control the humidity in your home and reduce the pollen, pet dander, and germs that can make their way into the air you breathe every day?

Ventilating your Boise home by opening windows a few minutes every day always helps. But there are certain times of the year when the outdoor temperatures make it impractical to open windows. Nor is this a viable solution if someone in your house has allergies.

Most of us spend the vast majority of our day indoors. You might think the air you breathe is free of dust mites and other airborne particles. In many cases, just the opposite is true.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the levels of some indoor pollutants can be up to five times higher than outdoor concentrations. These conditions will typically exacerbate respiratory problems such as asthma or allergies.

Health effects associated with indoor air pollutants include irritated eyes, noses, and throat, dizziness, fatigue—even heart disease and cancer.

Air Cleaners

At Western Heating & Air Conditioning, our state-of-the-art Carrier air filtration systems, such as the Infinity® Air Purifier and Performance Electronic Air Cleaner, effectively remove bacteria, pollen, pet dander, and other pollutants as small as 0.01 microns. That’s 18,000 times smaller than the head of a pin! Air cleaners are one of the most effective ways to enhance the quality of air in your Treasure Valley home.


Control moisture to increase indoor air quality. Carrier Fan-Powered Humidifiers are independent units with their own fans that add moisture directly into your ducts. Bypass Humidifiers work in tandem with your furnace system to deliver enhanced moisture throughout your entire Meridian home. Both options are quiet, energy-efficient ways to make your home more comfortable and reduce static electricity.


Bring fresh air into your home throughout the year, without losing energy. Efficient and innovative Carrier Energy Recovery Ventilators bring fresh air into your home throughout the cooling season. Heat Recovery Ventilators keep your air warm and fresh during longer heating seasons—forcing stale air and pollutants out of your Eagle home.

Ultraviolet (UV) Lights

You need a UV germicidal light to eliminate microorganisms in your airflow, and we install and service them at Western. Germicidal UV lamps keep your HVAC coils free of mold and bacteria.

UV Lamps from Carrier zap the mold and bacteria that can sometimes grow in the moist environment of your air conditioning or indoor coils. This way, unhealthy pollutants are killed and won’t circulate through your home. Key features include:

  • Kills bacteria and mold growing on the indoor coil
  • Enhanced indoor air quality
  • Silent operation
  • Enhanced airflow
  • Minimizes microbial build-up on coils
  • Improves system efficiency
  • Five-year limited warranty, 90-day limited warranty for lamps

With more than 50 years of experience in the HVAC industry, our licensed, bonded, and insured company has helped homes and businesses throughout Boise to assess and improve their indoor air quality. We are here to provide you with all of the necessary solutions to maintain the quality of your indoor air.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Start with your HVAC system: cleaning your air ducts and regularly changing your furnace filters can make a huge difference in reducing indoor air pollution.

Follow your manufacturer guidelines on how often to change your furnace filter. It will typically range between 30 and 90 days. That filter is your first line of defense when it comes to capturing dust and pollen before it circulates in your home.

A clean filter also extends the life span of your HVAC equipment and improves the airflow traveling through your ductwork.

We recommend scheduling our team of duct cleaning professionals to inspect your ductwork every few years for leaks and tears. Most homes experience an average of 20 to 40 percent leakage in their air ducts. Seal those ducts and save some bucks!

Installing, Replacing Air Quality Systems

Indoor air quality systems enhance your comfort while adding value to your Treasure Valley home. You can count on our courteous and knowledgeable professionals at Western to recommend the right air quality system for your home or business.

Our experts know how to install these systems to keep your HVAC equipment running at peak efficiency for years to come.

Repairing Air Quality Systems

While these systems are durable and practically maintenance-free, repair issues do crop up occasionally. If you feel your indoor air is not as fresh as it should be, or if you detect an unusual sound or odor with your machinery, call our repair experts at Western.

Our company offers 24/7 emergency repair services, and we keep our supply vehicles well-stocked. We promise never to replace a part unless necessary or if we can demonstrate significant cost savings. Your HVAC equipment is a large investment—it only makes sense to keep it running at peak efficiency throughout the year.

Maintaining Air Quality Systems

Our VIP Blue Ribbon Service program at Western is designed for our residential clients to offset the cost of maintenance and scheduled service calls. It allows our professionals to catch a small issue before it turns into a big problem.

When it comes to maintaining your indoor air quality systems, our professionals can check the UV lighting, filters, motors, and other components. Our Blue Ribbon program offers our residential clients a 15 percent discount on repairs, precision tune-ups, and professional cleanings, along with other perks.

For our local businesses, we offer Commercial Planned Maintenance programs that fit your budget and needs.

We all know the importance of maintaining our vehicles with oil changes and other inspections—your HVAC equipment deserves the same attention. Protect your investment with a Blue Ribbon!

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Indoor Air Quality Repair in Meridian, ID, 83642

“Trey, is a real asset to your business. He was friendly, knowledgeable, and made good use of his time.”
- Mary O.

Indoor Air Quality Replacement in Meridian, ID, 83642

“John replaced both our heat exchanger and the fan for the subfloor vent. He was prompt, courteous and professional.”

- Steve P.

Indoor Air Quality Repair in Boise, ID 83704

“Tracy did a great job servicing our humidification system. He was very professional and personable.
We have always been impressed with everyone at Western, from the office team on the phone, sales team, installers and service techs. Thank you to the entire team!”

- Dan C.

Indoor Air Quality Installation in Star, ID, 83669

“You need to add Cris Arras to your list of choices on the "Leave a Review on Our Site" page. He has been maintaining our new heat pump since it was installed in May 2022 and today he installed a "Phenomenal Aire" unit in our system. He also found a wiring boo-boo, probably left over from the heat pump installation, that had caused some wires to arc and melted the housing around them. He showed us the parts (they were fried – scary!) and corrected the problem.

He's a good guy and he knows what he's doing. Give him an "attaboy" from us – and maybe a nice big fat raise. He's a keeper. ❤️

This is only Day One with our new air purifier – the test will be if we can sleep better at night. I've been having to sleep with my head propped up to avoid waking up with my nose welded shut from whatever irritants are in the air. Looking forward to a restful night's sleep! Also, the sour odor that started a couple of weeks ago is already gone. I think that odor (like old damp laundry) began when the heat pump fan stopped running for no apparent reason a couple of weeks ago – and THAT may have been when those wires arced, come to think of it. When I discovered the fan had stopped running, I turned it back on and it kept running until now, but the "sour" smell persisted until Cris installed the "Phenomenal Aire" device today. Not a cheap date, but if it works, as it appears to be doing, totally worth it.”

- Candy O.

Indoor Air Quality Installation in Boise, ID, 83713

“Here on time, completed work and cleaned area”

- Chuck R.

Indoor Air Quality Installation in Boise, ID, 83702

“Installation was quick efficient and very neatly done.”

- Peter H.

Indoor Air Quality Maintenance in Boise, ID, 83709

“Ken was friendly, courteous and communicated well. Great Service!”

- Damon Y.

Indoor Air Quality Maintenance in Boise, ID, 83714

“Ryan was on time, professional and courteous. He did his job well and worked with my family to make things relatively easy for us! Thanks to Western and Ryan!”

- Michael V.

Indoor Air Quality Maintenance in Emmett, ID, 83617

“Three weeks ago we had a malfunction in a filtration system that flooded a majority of our home. In getting the problem solved we have to get the hardwood floors removed and the sub flooring /venting dried. The HVAC ran for 2-3 days 24/7. We felt we needed to get this checked and documented. Joseph came today, checked out the units and suggested that we put a hallway barrier back and move it in front of the thermostat. He stayed and did temperature checks and the barrier made the difference . Thank you Joseph and Western for helping us through this part of the “restoration” challenge!
M/S G”

- Mel G.

Indoor Air Quality Maintenance in Boise, ID, 83709

“Friendly and efficient, Thanks!”

- Damon Y.

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