Water Heater Installation in Boise, ID, 83702

“Your plumbers did a very nice neat installation for us, and it was relatively quick, in and out in 2 hours. They cleaned up any messes they made, and were very pleasant and helpful. Dustin showed me that he had set the water heater at a low temperature and it would be up to me to turn it up to the temp we want. I set it at the Hot mark and found it produces water at 122 degrees F.
We purchased the 50 gallon high recovery 65,000 BTU water heater which the website says will provide 100 gallons of hot water in an hour. I was disappointed to find that it ran out of hot water halfway through filling our 50 gallon walk in bathtub. I called for a technician to come and see about it.

Lloyd came, I showed him how the water was at the bathtub. He explained that the water heater only heats the water at the bottom of the tank, and we should draw hot water slowly if it is heated to 120 degrees. If we draw it quickly, the colder water above will be mixed into the hot. He turned up the thermostat on the water heater and told me to be careful. There is a mixer we could have installed on top of the water heater to provide 120 degree water when the temp is set higher.
I found that setting the control at the Hot mark produces 120 degree water. Lloyd set it at the C on the dial, and it produces 142 degree water.
It would be nice if you provided a handout with that information. I didn’t think we needed lessons on how to use a water heater, but now that everything is set to save energy it seems to be necessary.
Now that I know how to manage it, I am very happy with our water heater.”

– Elinor C.