Indoor Air Quality Installation in Star, ID 83669

“You need to add Cris Arras to your list of choices on the "Leave a Review on Our Site" page. He has been maintaining our new heat pump since it was installed in May 2022 and today he installed a "Phenomenal Aire" unit in our system. He also found a wiring boo-boo, probably left over from the heat pump installation, that had caused some wires to arc and melted the housing around them. He showed us the parts (they were fried – scary!) and corrected the problem.

He's a good guy and he knows what he's doing. Give him an "attaboy" from us – and maybe a nice big fat raise. He's a keeper. ❤️

This is only Day One with our new air purifier – the test will be if we can sleep better at night. I've been having to sleep with my head propped up to avoid waking up with my nose welded shut from whatever irritants are in the air. Looking forward to a restful night's sleep! Also, the sour odor that started a couple of weeks ago is already gone. I think that odor (like old damp laundry) began when the heat pump fan stopped running for no apparent reason a couple of weeks ago – and THAT may have been when those wires arced, come to think of it. When I discovered the fan had stopped running, I turned it back on and it kept running until now, but the "sour" smell persisted until Cris installed the "Phenomenal Aire" device today. Not a cheap date, but if it works, as it appears to be doing, totally worth it.”

– Candy O.