Gas Furnace Repair in Caldwell, ID, 83605

“Joseph arrived on time and greeted me with a smile! I invited him inside, but before he entered he put covers on both of his shoes to prevent bringing dirt into my house. I told Joseph what the problem was (alert on thermostat and no heat) and I directed him to my furnace location. He began a series of tests on the furnace and determined areas that were plugged with dirt and improper readings on his devices used for testing the system. He made corrections to the furnace settings which restored heat to the house. He went under the house no less than four times to inspect the ducting and each time took the covers off his shoes before entering and put them back on upon exiting the crawl space. He made recommendations that the ducting should be inspected and additional replacement of parts on the furnace should be completed to bring it up to top operating condition. I was very pleased with Joseph’s demeanor and knowledge of my hearing system. So pleased that I only want Joseph to work on my HVAC System. Overall, a great job Joseph!!!”

– Michael R.