Gas Furnace Maintenance in Eagle, ID, 83616

“I called Western. I as not able to warm some areas of the house . Western changed some of the ducting to see if that would help. The estimate for that work was $785 for 3 hour. It too 1 hour, and I was promised a credit. The changes helped but it was still taking too long to warm up. There appeared to be problems with the furnace. So Western came out again and adjusted the furnace. This also helped. but it's not great. There seem to be issues that required a more experienced serviceman. I never heard back on the credit and my heating is much improved but not satisfactory.
With the duct work; the workers were great. They showed up on time and did good work. My complaint is with billing.
With the service call, to adjust the furnace, he also responded quickly, and made adjustments to the furnace that helped. The heating is definitely better. However, I think now with the duck work changes and furnace adjustments an experienced technician needs to come out and fine tune.
I have worked with Western before and they always make things right so I expect a satisfactory resolution.”

– David S.