Gas Furnace Maintenance in Boise, ID, 83706

“Doug H. has serviced our equipment for many years. We’re 30+ year customers of Western Heating and have nothing but good things to say about Doug and the service we’ve received. However, I have noted in the last couple of years the presence of “up-selling” of additional services that have never been recommended to us before; specifically, plasma generators, duct cleaning and what used to be standard in our servicings…blower cleaning. Regarding the last item, today’s service note indicated that our blower was “very dirty” and “could fail” in the near future because of this. Really? This seems a bit “overdone” as our furnace was installed by Western only 3 years ago and has been serviced regularly according to the Blue Ribbon service schedule. This service (blower cleaning) used to be standard with the Blue Ribbon Plan. We were told that blower cleaning would be part of our service now if we signed up for the “Gold” Blue Ribbon plan. This “failure” commentary is unnecessary, and I imagine would be alarming to most customers, causing them to pay for added maintenance service they may not need.

If I could offer some advice to Western, it would be this: Tone down the commentary about system failures and ease up a bit on up-selling additional services. And make blower cleaning standard in the Silver Plan again. Today’s service was good, but left us feeling wary.


Steve F.”

– Steve F.