Gas Furnace Maintenance in Boise, ID 83702

“We asked for Russ again because he did a phenomenal job troubleshooting and fixing our air conditioner this past summer. This time it was for checking out our 5 year old high efficiency gas furnace prior to winter. It had been working fine, but staying on top of maintenance is cheaper than waiting till something breaks at the worst possible time. Russ performed a thorough check of the gas furnace heating system and found 3 issues that he resolved quickly (a loose connection of a red power wire to the transformer, a door safety switch that had been wired incorrectly, and gas pressure that had been adjusted just a little bit high for the elevation). It's great piece of mind to know that the gas furnace is ready for winter. Thank you Russ, see you next spring for the air conditioner checkup before the blazing heat of summer!”

– Scott L.