Gas Furnace Maintenance in Boise, ID, 83706

“We have been a loyal customer of yours for 20 years. The last two years we were having a problem with our hvac system malfunctioning. I brought this up with your technician last year and he said it was the result of frequent power surges. I talked to Idaho Power and they said it was simply not the case. On our semiannual service this past November, I again brought up that the system was malfunctioning. He said it was the compressor in the heat pump and tried to get us to buy a new unit. We are retired and desire to travel so he said we can change it to furnace only and we would be fine. We returned tonight to find the system again on malfunction and the temp at 47 degrees. Hopefully our pipes didn’t freeze during the cold snap. So after three days on the road we are spending another night in a hotel. Talk about frustrated!!! Feel free to use this for promotional purposes.”

– Jerry D.