Air Conditioner Maintenance in Boise, ID 83716

“As usual, Bob was on time, clean, courteous, and efficient. Since installing my new AC, furnace and water heater two years ago we have had regular servicing as was recommended. I have never done this before, but given the investment it seemed prudent. Bob has been the technician consistently sent to our home. I am grateful to see him and know that I can trust what he is doing in my home to our system. It is hard to put words to explain how much that trust means. I have had other technicians in years past for various issues come to our home and felt I needed to watch them and double check everything they do because they were not trustworthy. Bob is not like that at all and I am pleased to say that I now have a tremendous comfort with him and the maintenance work he performs. Thank you for doing ethical, honest work for my family.”

– Terry J.