Air Conditioner Maintenance in Boise, ID 83702

“Russ is an awesome person with fantastic air conditioning technical expertise and amazing communication and people skills. The AC condenser is roughly 18 years old so I was expecting that there were going to be some problems. Russ explained everything in advance, answered my questions fully, performed all the required maintenance checks. During that procedure, it was evident through test equipment readings that the system required additional troubleshooting. He explained that procedure was beyond the service call/maintenance check list and informed me of the additional cost for more invasive troubleshooting with a level 1 leak check. I gave permission to go ahead. There were no leaks but test equipment revealed system was low on refrigerant. He then explained options and costs. I chose add refrigerant rather than a new AC condenser and see what happens. And it turned out great! The numbers on the test equipment improved greatly. The system is now operating correctly and cooling the house. At the completion of work, Russ went through the invoice with me and the associated costs of the procedures. This whole experience was outstanding. I will continue to monitor the AC system. If anymore issues arise, I will ask for Russ!”

– Scott L.